Line 6 Helix Multi-Effects Pedal Unit

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Line 6 Helix Multi-Effects Pedal Unit

Representing a new way of thinking about guitarists and technology, Helix is like no other guitar processor that you’ve seen before. Immense care was taken to assemble a palette of tools that would let musicians quickly recreate the sound they hear in their head, without sonic compromise.

Helix is a new kind of guitar processor: it's not only a tour-grade multi-effect pedal that sounds and feels authentic, it's also the most comprehensive master controller for guitar systems ever built. Start by recreating the tones in your head with the new HX modeling engine - the new amps, cabs, mics, and effects will feel familiar to anyone who has ever spent time in the studio getting the best guitar sounds from both vintage and modern gear.

Have a pile of oddball pedals that you rely on for your personal sounds? No problem. Take advantage of the most comprehensive I/O and routing capabilities ever built into a multi-effect and easily integrate them into the Helix environment. Once connected, create custom setups and footswitch labels that make your external pedals feel like they're all under the hood. Whether you spend your time in the studio or on the stage, Helix is the next-generation guitar processor you've been waiting for.


- Dual DSP-powered HX modeling engine with 4 discrete stereo signal paths, 45 amps, 30 cabs, 16 mics and 70 effects
- Imports 3rd party 1024/2048 cab IR's (impulse responses)
- 12 capacitive-sensing footswitches and customizable scribble strips--touch to edit, hold to assign, press to engage
- Hands-free Pedal Edit mode lays out effect parameters across switches and expression pedal
- Near-instant footswitch and controller assignment
- Up to 3 expression pedals, CV/Expression out, external amp switching and deep MIDI control
- Extensive I/O for seamless integration with your entire rig - 10 inputs 12 outputs (including four fx loops), plus 8-in/8-out USB audio interface
- AES/EBU, SPDIF and VDI interfaces
- Industry-leading 123dB of dynamic range on the guitar input, for tremendous depth and ultra-low noise
- Tour Grade construction


When it comes down to authentic sound and feel, Helix represents a giant leap forward for guitar technology. The dual-DSP engine provides massive power to accurately recreate the dynamic feel of tube amplifiers, not just their sonic fingerprint.


The new HX Hybrid cabs represent a new approach to the speaker cabinet capture process. Not only do they provide the resolution of a 2048-point Impulse Response at lower DSP usage, they also provide a far more accurate low-end response than previously possible, as the proximity effect of the microphone is accurately captured at 12 different distances. Helix also lets you load custom impulse responses, allowing you to personalize your rig setup even further.


Each stage of an amp’s circuit has been measured and matched back to the original, so that each model reacts and interacts just like the real thing. This level of dynamic circuit detail extends into areas like power supply ripple, individual tube sag, and control over B+ voltages. Once these elements are captured, you get classic bloom and gooey compression on some amps, and a powerful gut punch on others.


Massive power traditionally comes with a steep learning curve, but Helix challenges that way of thinking. Touch-sensitive footswitches allow you to select an effect block or other item for editing simply by touching it. In combination, the large 6.2 inch 800x480-pixel LCD display all but eliminates menu-diving and provides the same level of control you might expect from an external editor. Colored LED rings and customizable scribble strips complete the user interface, letting you know what each footswitch is doing at a glance.


Helix was designed to allow guitarists to interact with technology in ways that are more intuitive, making the creation of tones easier. This means that—for the very first time—you won’t have to stop playing to tweak a knob. With Pedal Edit Mode, you can edit any amp or effect parameter you like using your foot: simply select the block that you want to tweak, and its parameters spill out onto the footswitches. Select a parameter, and tweak the value using the expression pedal.


Helix is the fastest tone creator of its kind, giving you the ability to touch a footswitch and quickly tweak parameters or easily assign or learn controllers. Instantly jump to any block simply by touching the associated footswitch. It’s so fast you can comfortably assign any item to a switch in 3 seconds.


With FOUR stereo signal paths per preset, Helix allows you to design complex routing scenarios. Creating variations on 4-cable method and wet-dry-wet routing schemes is as easy as selecting a template preset, and using the onboard effects models in conjunction with the 4 freely-assignable effects loops means that the tonal possibilities are truly huge.




As the most advanced guitar processor ever made, Helix can become the nerve center for your entire studio or touring rig . Easily integrate traditional effects pedals and other hardware into your environment, creating a seamless hybrid rig that incorporates the best of what software and hardware have to offer.


Helix has the most flexible audio routing ever seen on a guitar processor. Use the four effects loops to connect four separate pedal chains, or split them up and use them as freely-assignable inputs and outputs. In combination with four discrete signal paths, this means that you can process multiple instruments at once, send wet and dry signals to different places, and create large integrated systems that take advantage of both digital and analog I/O at the same time.


When you need to incorporate external devices via MIDI, Helix offers more flexibility than any multi-effect ever. In addition to powerful real time MIDI control, Helix can send up to six separate commands at patch recall that aren’t assigned to a footswitch, which means you can change a patch on a synth, start a sequencer, and turn up a fader on an external digital mixer, all with one press of a footswitch. Add two additional expression pedal inputs, CV/Expression out, and external amp switching, and Helix can be the command center for any size rig.

Amp Models

WhoWatt 100 Guitar Hiwatt® DR-103 Brill
Soup Pro Guitar Supro® S6616
Stone Age 185 Guitar Gibson® EH-185
Tweed Blues Nrm Guitar Fender® Bassman® (normal channel)
Tweed Blues Brt Guitar Fender® Bassman® (bright channel)
US Small Tweed Guitar Fender® Champ
US Deluxe Nrm Guitar Fender® Deluxe Reverb® (normal channel)
US Deluxe Vib Guitar Fender® Deluxe Reverb® (vibrato channel)
US Double Nrm Guitar Fender® Twin Reverb® (normal channel)
US Double Vib Guitar Fender® Twin Reverb® (vibrato channel)
Mail Order Twin Guitar Silvertone® 1484
Divided Duo Guitar ÷13 JRT 9/15
Interstate Zed Guitar Dr Z® Route 66
Jazz Rivet 120 Guitar Roland® JC-120 Jazz Chorus
Essex A-15 Guitar Vox® AC-15
Essex A-30 Guitar Vox® AC-30 with top boost
A-30 Fawn Nrm Guitar Vox® AC-30 Fawn (normal channel)
A-30 Fawn Brt Guitar Vox® AC-30 Fawn (bright channel)
Mandarin 80 Guitar Orange™ OR80
Brit J-45 Nrm Guitar Marshall® JTM-45 (normal channel)
Brit J-45 Brt Guitar Marshall® JTM-45 (bright channel)
Brit Plexi Nrm Guitar Marshall® Super Lead 100 (normal channel)
Brit Plexi Brt Guitar Marshall® Super Lead 100 (bright channel)
Brit Plexi Jump Guitar Marshall® Super Lead 100 (jumped)
Brit P-75 Nrm Guitar Park® 75 (normal channel)
Brit P-75 Brt Guitar Park® 75 (bright channel)
Brit 2204 Guitar Marshall® JCM-800
German Mahadeva Guitar Bogner® Shiva®
German Ubersonic Guitar Bogner® Überschall®
Cali Rectifire Guitar MESA/Boogie® Dual Rectifier®

ANGL Meteor Guitar ENGL® Fireball 100
Solo Lead Clean Guitar Soldano® SLO-100 (clean channel)
Solo Lead Crunch Guitar Soldano® SLO-100 (crunch channel)
Solo Lead OD Guitar Soldano® SLO-100 (overdrive channel)
PV Panama Guitar Peavey® 5150®
Line 6 Elektrik Guitar Line 6 Original
Line 6 Doom Guitar Line 6 Original
Line 6 Epic Guitar Line 6 Original
Tuck n' Go Bass Ampeg® B-15NF Portaflex®
SV Beast Nrm Bass Ampeg® SVT (normal channel)
SV Beast Brt Bass Ampeg® SVT (bright channel)
Cali Bass Bass MESA/Boogie® M9 Carbine
Cali 400 Ch1 Bass MESA/Boogie® Bass 400+ (channel 1)
Cali 400 Ch2 Bass MESA/Boogie® Bass 400+ (channel 2)
G Cougar 800 Bass Gallien-Krueger® GK 800RB


Soup Pro Ellipse Single, Dual 1 x 6x9" Supro® S6616
1x8 Small Tweed Single, Dual 1x8" Fender® Champ
1x12 Field Coil Single, Dual 1x12" Gibson® EH185
1x12 US Deluxe Single, Dual 1x12" Fender® Deluxe Oxford
1x12 Celest 12H Single, Dual 1x12" ÷13 JRT 9/15 G12 H30
1x12 Blue Bell Single, Dual 1x12" Vox® AC-15 Blue
1x12 Lead 80 Single, Dual 1x12" Bogner® Shiva® CL80
2x12 Double C12N Single, Dual 2x12" Fender® Twin C12N
2x12 Mail C12Q Single, Dual 2x12" Silvertone® 1484
2x12 Interstate Single, Dual 2x12" Dr Z® Z Best V30
2x12 Jazz Rivet Single, Dual 2x12" Roland® JC-120
2x12 Silver Bell Single, Dual 2x12" Vox® AC-30TB Silver
2x12 Blue Bell Single, Dual 2x12" Vox® AC-30 Fawn Blue
4x10 Tweed P10R Single, Dual 4x10" Fender® Bassman® P10R
4x12 WhoWatt 100 Single, Dual 4x12" Hiwatt® AP Fane®
4x12 Mandarin EM Single, Dual 4x12" Orange™ Eminence
4x12 Greenback25 Single, Dual 4x12" Marshall® Basketweave G12 M25
4x12 Greenback20 Single, Dual 4x12" Marshall® Basketweave G12 M20
4x12 Blackback30 Single, Dual 4x12" Park® 75 G12 H30
4x12 1960 T75 Single, Dual 4x12" Marshall® 1960 AT75
4x12 Uber V30 Single, Dual 4x12" Bogner® Uberkab V30
4x12 Uber T75 Single, Dual 4x12" Bogner® Uberkab T75
4x12 Cali V30 Single, Dual 4x12" MESA/Boogie® 4FB V30
4x12 XXL V30 Single, Dual 4x12" ENGL® XXL V30
4x12 SoloLead EM Single, Dual 4x12" Soldano®
1x15 Tuck n' Go Single, Dual 1x15" Ampeg® B-15
2x15 Brute Single, Dual 2x15" MESA/Boogie® 2x15 EV®
4x10 Rhino Single, Dual 4x10" Ampeg® SVT-410HLF
6x10 Cali Power Single, Dual 6x10" MESA/Boogie® Power House
8x10 SV Beast Single, Dual 8x10" Ampeg® SVT


57 Dynamic Shure® SM57
409 Dynamic Sennheiser® MD 409
421 Dynamic Sennheiser® MD 421-U
30 Dynamic Heil Sound® PR 30
20 Dynamic Electro-Voice® RE20
121 Ribbon Royer® R-121
160 Ribbon Beyerdynamic® M 160
4038 Ribbon Coles® 4038
414 Cond AKG® C414 TLII
84 Cond Neumann® KM84
67 Cond Neumann® U67
87 Cond Neumann® U87
47 Cond Neumann® U47
112 Dynamic AKG® D112
12 Dynamic AKG® D12
7 Dynamic Shure® SM7
Minotaur Mono, Stereo Klon® Centaur
Compulsive Drive Mono, Stereo Fulltone® OCD
Valve Driver Mono, Stereo Chandler Tube Driver
Top Secret OD Mono, Stereo DOD® OD-250
Scream 808 Mono, Stereo Ibanez® TS808 Tube Screamer®
Hedgehog D9 Mono, Stereo MAXON® SD9 Sonic Distortion
Vermin Dist Mono, Stereo Pro Co RAT
Arbitrator Fuzz Mono, Stereo Arbiter® Fuzz Face®
Triangle Fuzz Mono, Stereo Electro-Harmonix® Big Muff Pi®
Industrial Fuzz Mono, Stereo Z.Vex Fuzz Factory
Tycoctavia Fuzz Mono, Stereo Tycobrahe® Octavia
Megaphone Mono, Stereo Megaphone


Deluxe Comp Mono, Stereo Line 6 Original
Red Squeeze Mono, Stereo MXR® Dyna Comp
LA Studio Comp Mono, Stereo Teletronix® LA-2A®
Noise Gate Mono, Stereo Line 6 Original
Hard Gate Mono, Stereo Line 6 Original


Simple EQ Mono, Stereo Line 6 Original
Low Cut/High Cut Mono, Stereo Line 6 Original
Parametric Mono, Stereo Line 6 Original
10-Band Graphic Mono, Stereo MXR® 10-Band Graphic EQ


Optical Trem Mono, Stereo Fender® optical tremolo circuit
60s Bias Trem Mono, Stereo Vox® AC-15 Tremolo
Script Mod Phase Mono, Stereo MXR® Phase 90
Ubiquitous Vibe Mono, Stereo Shin-ei Uni-Vibe®
Gray Flanger Mono, Stereo MXR® 117 Flanger
Harmonic Flanger Mono, Stereo A/DA Flanger
Courtesan Flange Mono, Stereo Electro-Harmonix® Deluxe EM
Chorus Mono, Stereo Line 6 Original
70s Chorus Mono, Stereo BOSS® CE-1
Trinity Chorus Stereo DyTronics Tri-Stereo Chorus
Bubble Vibrato Mono, Stereo BOSS® VB-2 Vibrato
Vibe Rotary Stereo Fender® Vibratone
122 Rotary Stereo Leslie® 122
145 Rotary Stereo Leslie® 145
AM Ring Mod Mono, Stereo Line 6 Original
Pitch Ring Mod Stereo Line 6 Original


Simple Delay Mono, Stereo Line 6 Original
Mod Chorus Echo Mono, Stereo Line 6 Original
Multitap 4 Stereo Line 6 Original
Multitap 6 Stereo Line 6 Original
Ping Pong Stereo Line 6 Original
Sweep Echo Mono, Stereo Line 6 Original
Ducked Delay Mono, Stereo TC Electronic® 2290
Transistor Tape Mono, Stereo Maestro® Echoplex EP-3
Harmony Delay Stereo Line 6 Original
Bucket Brigade Mono, Stereo BOSS® DM-2
Adriatic Delay Mono, Stereo BOSS® DM-2 w/ Adrian Mod
Elephant Man Mono, Stereo Electro-Harmonix® Deluxe Memory Man


Plate Stereo Line 6 Original
Room Stereo Line 6 Original
Chamber Stereo Line 6 Original
Hall Stereo Line 6 Original
Echo Stereo Line 6 Original
Tile Stereo Line 6 Original
Cave Stereo Line 6 Original
Ducking Stereo Line 6 Original
Octo Stereo Line 6 Original
63 Spring Stereo Line 6 Original
Spring Stereo Line 6 Original
Particle Verb Stereo Line 6 Original


Pitch Wham Mono, Stereo DigiTech Whammy ®
Twin Harmony Mono, Stereo Eventide ® H3000
3 OSC Synth Stereo Line 6 Original


Mutant Filter Mono, Stereo Musitronics ® Mu-Tron ® III
Mystery Filter Mono, Stereo Korg ® A3


Volume Pedal Mono, Stereo Line 6 Original
Gain Mono, Stereo Line 6 Original
Pan Stereo Line 6 Original


UK Wah 846 Mono, Stereo Vox® V846
Teardrop 310 Mono, Stereo Dunlop® Cry Baby® Fasel model 310
Fassel Mono, Stereo Dunlop® Cry Baby® Super
Weeper Mono, Stereo Arbiter® Cry Baby®
Chrome Mono, Stereo Vox® V847
Chrome Custom Mono, Stereo Modded Vox® V847
Throaty Mono, Stereo RMC Real McCoy 1
Vetta Wah Mono, Stereo Line 6 Original
Colorful Mono, Stereo Colorsound® Wah-fuzz
Conductor Mono, Stereo Maestro® Boomerang

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