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Keyboard Corner & KC's Rockshop

137 Boronia Rd, Boronia VIC 3155

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Keyboard Corner was established in the late 1970's. The store had fairly modest beginnings, with a small corner shop, selling mainly organs and pianos. Over the decades our product range expanded greatly.

In the mid 90's we opened KC's Rock Shop, (Keyboard Corner's Rock Shop) to give us the ability to specialize in items other than keyboard based instruments. The two shops are now merged into one building with over 250 square metres of showroom.

We carry a huge range of everything musical and have specialised departments for pianos, keyboards, digital pianos, sheet music, electric guitars, amplifiers, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, classical guitars, PA gear, home recording, microphones, drums and more.

We have become one of the largest musical instrument suppliers in Melbourne's suburbs, and have established a reputation of offering the best advice and service, while still offering great value pricing.

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Meet Our Staff!



Craig Johnston

Store Owner

Craig has worked at Keyboard Corner since 1995. Prior to that he had been a student of the music school once run at  the shop. His passion to work in the music retail industry started very early, this was shown when he completed high school work experience at Keyboard Corner in 1991. 


Adam Goodwin

General Manager

Adam has played music professionally since he was 13. He has vast experience in the industry with wholesale and retail and specialises in all things keyboard.


David Leamon

Weekend Manager / Warehouse Manager / Repairs 

Dave has a love of all things musical. Having played professionally in bands since he was a teenager, he knows what gear is needed to suit a player.  He has an intimate knowledge of home recording and is a great all round muso.


Adrian Williams

Electric Guitar and Amp Specialist

Adrian is a little internet shy but knows his gear. Having played on the Melbourne Cover band scene since he was a teenager he knows what muso's want!


Billy Hamlet

Electric Guitar and Amp Specialist

When you want that true ROCK tone, Billy's the guy to get you there! After playing for as long as he can walk, he can match you with the guitar or amp that your heart truly desires. He's really our jack of all trades, and will be happy to help you no matter what your need may be!


Alan Valenzuela

Piano, Electric Guitar and Musical Production Specialist 

Alan specialises in pianos, keyboards, electric guitars, home production and pedals. Based on his multi-instrument proficiency and music production experience, Alan is equipped to provide with the best possible advice on instruments and equipment to get you started on your musical journey, to properly develop your musical skills, to set up your perfect home studio, or that right sound for a gig! 


Liam Sharkey

Guitar Specialist

Liam is the new face floating around. Fresh out of school, this kid is ready to rock! He's eager and ready to help you pick out that new guitar of your dreams, no matter if you're just starting out or a seasoned professional.


Ethan Calussi


Libby Ferris