Instrument Repairs


We have an onsite technician who specialises in Valve Amp servicing and repairs. Graeme Grenache has been servicing amps for decades. Service is offered for solid state and valve amps at reasonable rates. A $55 quote fee is charged for all amp repairs booked in which covers the first 30 minutes of labour, with a rate of $22 per 15 minutes after this.


Our onsite workshop offers restringing and neck conditioning

6 string guitars - $50 plus string cost

12 string and Floyd Rose style guitars - $75 plus string cost

If neck and intonation adjustments are required there is an additional $20 charge.

All other guitar work through our workshop is charged at $100 per hour in 15 minute increments.


We do not repair keyboards on site, however we have a technician who collects repairs from our store and services them at his workshop, rates are quoted upon inspection and diagnosis.