Timber Tones - Moon Tones Mixed Pack of 4

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  • Timber Tones - Moon Tones Mixed Pack of 4

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Timber Tones Moon Tones Mixed Pack of 4



African Ebony, Clear Horn, Black Horn & Indian Teak
We recommend Moon Tones for Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar & Gypsy Jazz Guitar.
Indian Teak is a Mid Hardness Timber which has well balanced tones across all frequencies.
African Ebony is hard and dense and as such has clean crisp bright tones.
Buffalo Horn has the closest tone to the fabled Tortoise shell picks as it is made from the same Keratin material and thus warm and rounded.
Moon Tones are a scaled down and more precise version of our Star Tones Picks. The recessed hole gives amazing grip and the equilateral triangle design offers three playing tips, which if worn down at varying rates can supply variety in tone and attack. Unlike the Star Tones these have a very short distance from thumb to tip, giving them Jazz Tip like control and speed.
This pack contains 1 of each of the Moon Tones Guitar Picks.
Although we have tried to ensure that our photos represent the Guitar Pick that you will receive, there is a high level of variety in our picks due to the nature of many of our natural materials.

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