Dave Compares the Tone Variations on Five Cole Clark Acoustic Guitars.

For this video, I selected five different Cole Clark guitars with varying timber combinations (top, back and sides) and all three current body shapes; Fat Lady (Dreadnought), Angel (Concert) and Little Lady (Travel or Parlor).

Using a Zoom H5n digital recorder I recorded each guitar first playing a simple flat picked phrase and then another round using a strummed pattern.

I made sure to do this quickly and all to one file with the idea of editing the guitar swaps out to give a consistent, continuous sound.

The H5n is set up to an XY stereo configuration at 48khz WAV with no compression or limiting and is about five inches in front of the soundhole of each guitar.

In editing, I made no changes to EQ or dynamic processing. Everything is as flat as possible.

I'm proud to say that after showing the video to Cole Clark they deemed it worthy of posting on their own Facebook page.

Suffice to say that if it's good enough for Cole Clark then it should give you a good demo of the variances in these beautiful Australian made guitars.

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13th Nov 2018

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