Join Dave for a Guided Tour Through the Main Store!

For this video I thought I would get out of the studio and go for a wander through our main store.

Anyone familiar with Kc's knows it is constantly changing as we get new stock, new brands and we are continually renovating to give our customers the best in store experience as possible.

We have always been very hands on with our renovations and shop displays and our musically talented staff have other tricks up their sleeves.

Our staff are instrumental (pun intended) in product and brand displays and renovations and bring other talents to the table like carpentry, painting and interior decorating.

Being a 7 day a week retail store means we roll out our renovations during business hours so we can keep trading while the work gets done.

If you pop in an start getting advice on a Nord Piano 4 from a guy in Hi VIZ and a dust mask, don't be surprised,

It's how we roll!

If you want to see how much the shop has changed in just two years click this link for the google maps 3D tour circa 2016.

For anyone interest this was shot on an DJi Osmo gimbel cam and the voice was recorded with a AKG D5 microphone.

3rd Nov 2018

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